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Thursday 14 July 2011

Egypt Centre, Swansea, Curator's Diary 14.7.2011

This is a first blog and is by way of a test.

W80Today I have been checking artefacts in our store. We try to do regular condition checks on our artefacts. This acts as an audit, so we can make sure we know where everything is, but is also a means of making sure that objects aren't deteriorating. It's also a good opportunity to take photographs of any unphotographed items.

This is one of the items checked today, W80, a clay offering tray.

We have got some more information about it at: http://egypt.swan.ac.uk/index.php/collection/273-w80 Interestingly, Jayne Holly, the Centre's museum assistant knows all about these things as she did a dissertation on them them when a student at Swansea.

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