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Tuesday 26 July 2011

While Wendy's away

Wendy Goodridge, the assistant curator, is away collecting our Fayum portrait from Madrid. This is the portrait:

Here is a link to information on the exhibition:

It will be back on display in the Centre very shortly.

This morning has been very hectic. We have a Brownie group from Somerset taking part in group activities with our volunteers. The dummy mummy, as always is extremely popular. (I didn't know Brownies weren't brown anymore! They are dressed in pink. I suppose this shows my age.) As well as the Brownie group, today is the first day of our children's summer workshops. There has been a lot of noise with them practicing their musical instruments. As well as that, with it being the start of the summer holidays, we have lots of 'normal' visitors. As we are a small museum, the place is very noisy and crowded.

But it's good that we are busy. Lots of people enjoying the collections. Let's hope it is the start to a good summer.

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