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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day: Love is in the air

When I hold my love close
(and her arms steal around me),
I'm like a man translated to Punt
or like someone out in the reedflats
When the whole world suddenly bursts into flower.
In this dreamland of South Sea fragrances,
My love, you are essence of roses.

New Kingdom Love Song (translated by JL Foster).

The ancient Egyptians were clearly not totally morbid people, but like us lived and hoped and loved. So here we have a 'bouquet' of three items associated with love in the Egypt Centre:

AB23, part of a faience sistrum showing the goddess Hathor. Hathor was goddess of drunkeness and love, a gentle contrast to Sekhemet. For more information on this object follow this link: http://www.egypt.swansea.ac.uk/index.php/collection/75-ab23

W961p. A pendant from Amarna showing the deity Bes with tamborine. Bes often appears with Taweret in scenes associated with childbirth. You can find more about this object by following this link: http://www.egypt.swansea.ac.uk/index.php/collection/26-w961p

W1150. A ring bezel, again from Amarna, showing a nude or scantily clad musician with monkey. The figure and monkey are both associated with eroticism. For more information on this item follow this link: http://www.egypt.swansea.ac.uk/index.php/collection/40-w1150