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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pottery Stool from Amarna W345

We had this object out for our last volunteer handling session and I thought it needed more press, hence a quick note on this blog. First some photographs:

A view from a short side

A view from the most complete long side
A view from the top

It's made of pottery and measures 23x18x13cm. It's decorated with blue red and brown paint which pick out details. The feet of the stool, as can just about be made out in the middle photo look as though they may have been painted in imitation of lotus flowers (I haven't found any parallels on wooden furniture).

It has the excavation number written on it: 'TA 30/31 TA 36.61. This correlates in the Frankfort and Pendlebury 1933 volume ( The City of Akhenaten Part II. The North Suburb and The Desert Altars. ) p 48 with a house in the North Suburb which had a 'master's bedroom'.

I would be glad to here of any parallels. Oh yes, and it seems to be an imitation of a wooden stool of this sort of type. Apologies for this last pic- I'm no artist, but you get the idea!