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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Black History Month and Nubian archers

October is black history month where all things associated with the African diaspora are celebrated. So, in honour of the month, the plan is a couple of related blogs, this being the first.

Of course, Egypt is in Africa, so one might argue that all the Egypt Centre's blogs are related to Black History month, but I thought it would be good to concentrate on the Nubian connection. A previous blog pointed out that here is Swansea we have material from possibly the most northernmost site in Egypt, from Armant. We also have material from Meroe in Nubia and a particular piece, a missing lion has been discussed.

Nubia is the area which now includes both the north Sudan and also part of southern Egypt. It was an important trading area and at times Egypt ruled Nubia, and at other times Nubians ruled Egypt. The Egyptians called Nubia 'Ta-Seti' which means Land of the Bow.

Nubian bowman were employed in the Egyptian army and to the left you can see one of the 'soldier stela' which we have in the Centre. We cannot of course say for certain that this man was a Nubian.

On the right is an archer's thumb ring, which came from Meroe in Nubia. It is probably from Garstang's 1910 excavations and was used to pull the strings of a bow.

And for more information on arrow heads, click here.

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