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Friday, 12 February 2016

Marble Footprint. Guest blog by a child volunteer

Marble Footprint

I like this object because it is interesting seeing a person’s footprint from ancient Egypt (and it reminds me of bigfoot).  The footprint was used to make sure that the owner stayed in the presence of the gods.  People gave personal gifts to the gods through a worshipper at the temple, wanting to secure benefits.  Different types of votive offerings were used.  They were objects which represented the real things.  For example, people give stelae, figures of cows and cats, models of ears and eyes, fertility figurines and jewellery.


Hywel Protheroe Jones

Hywel has been a volunteer with the Egypt Centre since 2007, initially as one of our young volunteers (who are aged 10-18) and more recently as an adult volunteer. He wrote this when he was a child volunteer.

For more information on this object click here.    

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