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Friday, 30 January 2015

Not Just Egyptian Stuff II

And a few more non-Egyptian items:

Left: GR9: Female figure from Beoetia. Board-like body, truncated, pointed arms. Big curl over nose. Polos (truncated cone) on head. Black paint. 125mm high. 6th century BC. Such figures were placed as gifts in temples or could be put in tombs.

Right: GR28: Black polished red-figured jar with handle(NOICUS). This is an oinochoe (wine jug). This piece was made in southern Italy c 400 B.C. The mouth is trefoil (in the shape of a clover leaf) and the figure represents a seated Dionysaic figure with tail holding an offering plate and a plant. A wave pattern runs around the foot of the vase and egg moulding occurs above the figure. The item was purchased by the Department of Classics and Ancient History(Professor Kerford) in the 1960s. Height 24mm.

Left: GR2: Horse with rider. Stripes painted on body. Greek. 6th or 7th century B.C. Similar figures have been found in men's tombs in Boaeotia. 84mm high.

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